Evidence Wrap-Up: Evaluations in North America

At J-PAL North America, we focus on catalyzing and supporting randomized evaluations of social programs.  We also want to make what we have learned from our rigorous evaluations actionable for policymakers so that they can act on the best available evidence about what works best and why.

Over the past few years, researchers affiliated with J-PAL have conducted more than 100 ongoing or completed randomized control trials to answer critical policy questions in North America, as well as hundreds more around world.  A rich database of these evaluations is available here.

We recently put together a “wrap-up” highlighting the findings of over forty key randomized evaluations, organized by topics such as crime preventioneducationlabor markets, and health care.

You can view a summary of some of these key findings in our “Evidence Wrap-Up” here.


Author: Quentin Palfrey

Quentin Palfrey is the Executive Director of J-PAL North America, which works to improve the effectiveness of social programs in North America through research, policy outreach, and capacity building. Based at MIT, J-PAL North America seeks to help decision-makers use research evidence in policy decisions and program design and to provide training courses on the value of impact evaluation.

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