South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Pay for Success Announcement

Yesterday, Governor Haley announced that South Carolina is launching the nation’s first Pay for Success initiative focused on improving health outcomes for mothers and children living in poverty. The landmark project will expand the Nurse-Family Partnership’s services to an additional 3,200 first-time, low-income mothers across the state.

It’s inspiring to see the leadership that South Carolina and the Nurse-Family Partnership are showing in expanding an evidence-based approach to many new families across the state, and J-PAL North America is honored to serve as the third-party, independent evaluator for the pay for success project.

We will be measuring the impact of the Nurse-Family Partnership on a number of “success indicators,” such as the program’s impact on reducing injuries among newborns and toddlers. Thanks to South Carolina’s data-rich environment, we’ll also be able to learn about the potentially wide-ranging effects of NFP on the health and well-being of mothers and children for many years to come.

In yesterday’s press conference highlighting the launch, Director Soura elegantly summed up the big picture:

I’m proud to be standing here today with this team, because we’re serving South Carolina the way we’re supposed to be.  We’ve found a program with a strong evidence base, we’re scaling that program so it can reach more people who need help, and then we’re carefully measuring the results so that we can be confident we’re making the most effective use of limited public resources.

-Christian Soura, Director of SC Department of Health and Human Services

We are thrilled to be a partner in this evaluation, which has the opportunity to give programs and policy-makers around the nation the information they need to deliver high-value services to families in need.

You can read an overview of the project here.

The J-PAL North America research team for this project is led by J-PAL affiliate Kate Baicker of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in addition to Michelle Woodford, Annetta Zhou, Pauline Shoemaker, and myself.

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